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ILS ITN DRAFT Timeline Revised, 11/24/14

Timeline for the Next-Gen ILS Task Force

Milestone/Task Completed Resources Status Notes
Project Kickoff 7/16 -        
Configure Communication Tools 7/30/2014 FLVC Complete 
Task force work begins - First Meeting 8/8/2014 TF Complete  
Procure ITN template or examples 8/8/2013 EB Complete  
Develop Requirements Doc 8/8 - 9/19/2014        
First Requirements Draft presented to Exec Comm 8/25/2014 TF Complete  
Task Force completes the draft requirements document 9/5 - 9/19 TF Complete  
Task Force sends message to the FLVC-LIBS-ALL listserv 9/22 TF Complete informs staff the requirements doc and survey is being sent to MCLS and Committees, includes info about Collaborate session on the process, and instructions to return one compiled survey per institution.
The draft requirements document is sent to MCLS 9/22 - 10/17 TF Complete Deans share with their staff and receive feedback via the survey.
The draft requirements document is sent to FLVC Committees liaisons 9/23 - 10/17 TF Complete FLVC Committees review the requirements and provide feedback via the survey.
Task Force creates draft evaluation criteria 9/26 - 11/19 TF  
The feedback survey is sent to MCLS and FLVC Committees 9/25- 9/26 TF Complete
Collaborate sessions offered via the lincc training for all library staff 9/25 and 9/30 JP/EB/AZ Complete introduces the Task Force process for the ITN work, including the info on requirements doc and survey.
FLVC staff works to summarize, de-dup and condense survey feedback 10/20- 10/31 FLVC   includes survey responses from institutions and FLVC Committees
MCLS Executive Committee call; provides feedback on evaluation criteria method and discuss the appointment and makeup of the Evaluation Team. 10/28 TF and Exec Committee Complete
The Task Force receives report/summarization of survey feedback 11/3 TF  
ITN Development 11/3 - 11/24/2014        
Task Force works to finalize the ITN, including work on evaluation criteria 11/3- 11/24 TF Complete includes comments from the survey; writing the sections not covered in the requirements;
Task Force Face-to-Face Meeting at UCF 11/19- 11/20 TF Complete begin Wed. 10:00 a.m - end Thurs 3:00 p.m.
Final requirements and other ITN content goes to UWF Purchasing Department 11/24 TF Complete
Thanksgiving holidays 11/27-28    
MCLS meeting in Sarasota 12/3-4     Evaluation Team makeup recommendation discussed and endorsed by MCLS
Evaluation Team members are set 12/3 UWF Purchasing Complete
ITN Released by UWF to vendors 12/15 UWF Purchasing Complete  
Works on demo dates and begins creating the scripts for the demos 12/8- 1/16/15 TF   combination of live and virtual demos
UWF closed for Winter Break 12/24-1/1    
Vendor Deadline for questions to be received 1/2/15 vendors Complete
Send answered vendor questions back to UWF 1/5/15 FLVC and UWF Complete
UWF posts answeres to vendor ITN questions 1/9/15 TF  
Deadline to receive, open and record vendor responses from ITN 1/23/15 vendors    
Distribution meeting for Procurement to pass on responsive proposals to Evaluation Team 1/26 Director and TF    
Work to score results and set demo dates with vendors 1/27 - 2/13 Eval Team   Team must score bids individually, then comes together to discuss and adjust scores as a group. F2F Meeting
ALA Midwinter 1/30 - 2/3 staff    
Scores to be summarized - select vendors for demos 2/16 Eval Team and Procurement Director    
Set up Vendor Demos 2/10 - 2/13 TF/vendors    
Vendor demos – negotiations with selected vendors 2/16 - 2/20 vendors   set up additional meetings with vendors if further negotiations are required
TF reviews the evaluation and writes the report/recommendation 2/23- 3/6 TF   possible F2F meeting
MCLS meeting in conjunction with LRSC, TF gives update on status of report; 2/23 - 2/24     Discussions are not permitted with other teams regarding specifics of the bids.
Potential MCLS special meeting to discuss Task Force recommendation March     Discussions are not permitted with other teams regarding specifics of the bids.
Budget with LBR awarded Spring 2015     ITN must state that award is contingent on legislative funding
Contract negotiations; ITN winning vendor Identified December 2015 - March 2016     Contract for Services prepared, approved and signed.
Contract signed April 2016      
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