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Welcome to the Next-Gen ILS Task Force Wiki

This wiki is a resource for the work of both the ILS Task Force and the ILS Requirements Task Force of the FLVC Members Council on Library Services. Editing capabilities to this wiki is limited to the members of the task force.

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Next-Gen ILS Evaluation Task Force

ITN 14ITN-04AJ Next Generation Integration Library System (ILS)

ILS ITN Timeline Revised, 02/20/15

Pre-meeting Agenda, Jan. 9, 2014

Collaborate Recording of the Next-Gen ILS Kick-Off Meeting January 16, 2015

  • During the meeting, there was some confusion over the correct way to score the vendor proposals. Angie Jones subsequently clarified the process with the evaluators (they are to rank each section 0 – 4, then multiply that by the weight for that section) and provided a sample scoring sheet.

Next-Gen ILS Requirements Task Force

Next-Gen ILS Requirements Task Force Charge:

  • To begin an immediate and accelerated requirements development process, and to provide a report to the MCLS at their September meeting.
  • As the preferred procurement process becomes clearer, the charge to the task force will be adjusted.

ILS Requirements Task Force Members

ILS Requirements Task Force Meeting Notes and Agendas

ILS Requirements Dates and Deadlines

ILS Requirements Task Force Resources

ILS Requirements Task Force Reports to MCLS

Introduction to Next-Gen ILS Requirements Webinar



Next-Gen ILS Task Force: RFI Process

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